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E-commerce Giveaway Fail: A RESEARCH STUDY with A lot of fun Lessons

Recently, I find out about how Greenbelly could launch their brand about a $75 spending budget and gather around 4,000 email addresses. I read a couple of giveaway case research and was influenced to give it a try myself. I made a decision to try out an organization giveaway myself, comparable to Greenbelly, to see easily could kick begin my email list development and re-release my e-commerce blog page.

I could get 6 other brands to participate, but unfortunately, our giveaway didn’t carry out nearly and also hoped, gaining significantly less than 100 email messages. I wanted to talk about some lessons discovered and some errors you should prevent if you would like to run an effective giveaway.

Greenbelly’s success story

Greenbelly could launch an extremely successful marketing campaign generating over 4,000 email prospects and significant product sales by partnering with established brands within their giveaway. They spent $75 on item and do no additional marketing. Their giveaway was successful because a few of the brands that they partnered with were more developed and promoted the giveaway, leading to plenty of participants. Gleam provides extra entries if people refer their close friends, which means this allowed the giveaway to pass on even further.

This success tale inspired me personally to get one of these comparable giveaway for my e-commerce site offering baby shower celebration supplies. I began by reading as much giveaway case research that I possibly could find. Then creating a set of brands that experienced done giveaways previously and calling them. Although things didn’t workout along with hoped, I did so learn quite a bit from the knowledge and below are a few key lessons.

1. Have got a solid promotion plan, even though you are partnering with brands

Don’t depend on brands to market for you personally (if you don't explicitly discuss promotion within the offer). In the Greenbelly research study, at least among the established brands will need to have emailed their list to obtain the outcomes that they do.

We mentioned that the brands should email their list and talk about the giveaway in social press. Although the brands I caused had a large number of Instagram fans, I don’t understand how big their mailing lists had been or if indeed they mailed them.

It’s also possible our lists aren’t while effective since we are targeting new mothers. Quite simply, our items are time delicate and a good couple of months later, the chance may no more need our items. Comparatively, Greenbelly’s item (a snack item for outdoor adventurers) can be an evergreen item which can be relevant for several years.

In retrospect, I will attended up with a more powerful promotion strategy of my very own so the giveaway would succeed, sometimes if the various other brands didn’t promote it. I did so work some Facebook and Pinterest ads, but those produced little curiosity and I also sent a contact to past clients (I assume the percentage of individuals that want in giveaways is usually pretty small). I believe that a lot of the entrants probably originated from Instagram.

2. Find Brands which have large mailing lists and pitch them on emailing their list

The founder of Greenbelly mentioned that he didn’t ask the additional brands to market it in virtually any specific way. But fortunately, the brands that they caused did some actually effective advertising for the giveaway. I recommend asking in advance if the other brands have an excellent email list and if they're willing to invest in mailing their clients about the giveaway. Though it might feel unpleasant to ask, it’s vital that you ensure that the various other brands promote the giveaway whenever you can to have success.

Another choice is to collaborate with a blogger seeing that bloggers sometimes have a far more engaged email list than brands. You might have to pay the blogger to market your giveaway, but in the event that you partner with the proper blogger, they could easily get you adequate reach for an acceptable price. You could find email addresses of individuals you want to contact using this set of email finding tools and resources.

3. Social mass media ads are better if you curently have an engaged target audience

But if you don’t, it could be really expensive. I go through this research study in regards to a brand that spent simply $50 on Facebook ads to market their giveaway. I attempted something related, but didn’t obtain anywhere close to the outcomes that they do. I’m guessing that they most likely targeted their personal audience and they also most likely currently had a big following.

For my giveaway, I tried targeting expecting mothers who were also thinking about other being pregnant sites or baby showers and in addition thinking about giveaways. I also attempted retargeting guests with another ad set. However, the price per click was more than $2.00, that was a bit steep merely to permit people find out about winning free stuff & most of the clicks didn’t may actually convert.

Many brands that I’ve seen doing Facebook ads use retargeting to focus on some people that have already visited their site. This process is practical because these folks are more likely to convert because they know who you are, which outcomes in lower costs.

4. Not absolutely all products prosper with a giveaway strategy

When I was calling brands to take part in the giveaway, I acquired touching an organization that sold maternity swim wear. I had noticed them execute a giveaway on Instagram, but she pointed out that the giveaways weren’t effective for them in attracting new customers. Before hosting a giveaway, you might want to evaluate your product. Here are some things worth considering.

- Is your item time sensitive?

We sell baby shower celebration products, therefore there’s a narrow windows of just a couple of weeks when someone may be thinking about buying our items. The same holds true with maternity put on, except the niche is larger and enough time frame is most likely just a little longer. In general, the shorter enough time frame, the less clients you may expect through a release based strategy just like a giveaway.

- How little is your market?

Maternity put on is a particular niche, but maternity swimwear can be an even narrower specific niche market. Not really everyone that buys maternity wear will want to visit the beach. Generally, I suspect that if your niche is as well small, then it could be harder to create product sales from a giveaway, unless you have the ability to reach an extremely large audience. SEO can work well when you can rank in serach engines for your focus on keywords and in addition strategies that enable you to reach a great deal of people as time passes.

- Top quality vs commodity products

Are you offering a branded or commodity item? Branded products provide an unique worth proposition. For instance, Greenbelly’s foods to go present 3x the nourishment than an energy candy and can very easily become carried with you. For a devoted outdoors adventurer, the product would be good to have. Our products certainly are a bit more commoditized. While we perform involve some unique products, there are many other folks selling identical baby shower celebration items.

Is it feasible for baby shower celebration products to accomplish well in a giveaway? In retrospect, I’m not particular because I haven’t seen way too many brands in the infant shower market doing giveaways.

If you're uncertain if your product is fitted to a giveaway, try searching for additional competitors and observe if they're doing giveaways. That could be an excellent hint to discover if giveaways will ROI for you personally.

5. Get a set of at least 50 prospects in case you are performing a multi-brand giveaway before doing all your outreach

Among the points that We were concerned about initially was that way too many brands would state yes when We pitched them on our giveaway collaboration. THEREFORE I just pitched about 20 brands initially and then later on researched and pitched even more brands later. This gradual approach greatly slowed up the timeline for our launch, especially with the trunk and forth emails and looking forward to responses. When getting started, you should expect that a lot of brands won’t end up being interested, even if indeed they possess actively participated in various other giveaways. Some brands could have booked giveaway schedules and others simply won’t become interested.

I reached out to about 50 brands and got 6 to participate ultimately. I’m sure if we'd more encounter or a more substantial Instagram pursuing that people may possess gotten an increased response rate, but probably just a couple more. In case you are thinking about doing all your own giveaway, I will suggest gathering a listing of 50 brands and pitching every one of them at once. You can usually arranged a limit on the amount of participants in advance if you want to.

6. Allow giveaway operate for at least 14 days

When launching this giveaway, I had simply no idea how very long I should allow it run. The majority of the giveaways I noticed on Instagram ran for a couple of days therefore that’s what I proceeded to go with. But on later, I visited additional giveaway websites which used email entries and I pointed out that many of them ran for approximately 2 weeks.

I assume for Instagram just giveaways, a couple of days might seem sensible since the majority of the entries occur through the first a day. But also for giveaways needing email entry, allowing it to run longer allows even more people to discover more regarding it and get into, which gets you even more leads. In addition, it gives you additional time to market the giveaway.

7. Don’t require way too many actions

For our giveaway, we needed everyone to take Instagram actions AND enter through our Gleam form. Later on, I believe that lowering certain requirements for entry may be an excellent idea. Our goals were to grow our email list along with the Instagram followings for all brands participating. But even more requirements helps it be just a little harder for folks to enter.

Generally, in case you are offering an actually large prize package and reaching lots of people, you can raise the requirements to enter. You can still accomplish multiple objectives giving individuals extra entries for completing extra steps.

8. Activate the social share action

In the Greenbelly research study, they kept it simple by limiting the amount of access options to registering by email and referring friends. Gleam comes with a substitute for allow extra entries for interpersonal sharing, however they chose never to use it. I decided to carry out the same for my giveaway, however in retrospect, that may have been a blunder. Some people is probably not comfortable posting their giveaway referral hyperlink by email unless they are actually close with see your face.

At least, incentivizing Facebook likes is a good notion. When somebody likes something on Facebook, it could potentially be observed by all their close friends and the common Facebook consumer has over 200 friends. I’m uncertain if sociable sharing on various other networks could have helped as very much since the person with average skills isn’t as dynamic on other public media sites. Perhaps it wouldn’t possess harm to activate additional social networks, but Facebook probably could possess helped.

9. Review the entrants and invalidate fraudulent or duplicate entries

Yet another tip to ensure your giveaway is good. Export the entrants right into a CSV file and appearance through it to invalidate any fraudulent or duplicate entries. Gleam offers automated features that look after instantly invalidating suspicious entries for you personally, nevertheless, you might catch some more in the event that you review the info. Sometimes entrants may refer themselves utilizing a second email, for example.

Other Case Research and Resources

Here are a few other resources that you may want to consider if you're thinking about using giveaways in your advertising. Josh Earl grew his email list simply by 200k using giveaways - This content on the Wise Passive Income blog is usually an extended case research on what Josh Earl grew an enormous email list using giveaways.

RESEARCH STUDY: How exactly to collect 1,178 email messages in 10 times with a giveaway - Robbie Richards published an excellent guide and research study explaining how he could gather more than 1,000 email addresses along with his giveaway. Jewel Scent’s e-commerce giveaway - Jewel Scent ran a giveaway leading to near $19,000 in income using Viral Sweep. Viral Sweep also released helpful information to hosting giveaways. Gleam E-commerce case research - Gleam published a couple of e-commerce giveaway case research which certainly are a great way to obtain inspiration and suggestions.


There are numerous tools available which you can use to perform your own giveaways. Below are a few of the very most popular giveaway equipment (affiliate links). KingSumo Giveaways - Noah Kagan used giveaways to grow his Appsumo email list to 200k and is offering his have giveaway device called Kingsumo Giveaways. The nice point about Kingsumo Giveaways is definitely that it includes an one time price rather than monthly recurring charge. - Gleam may be the device that We used for my giveaway. The free of charge version enables you to quickly operate giveaways on your own website without needing to understand how to code, but you'll want the paid edition to access the e-mail addresses of individuals that subscribe. Some features consist of viral posting that incentivizes visitors to talk about your giveaway to obtain additional entries, direct social press and email list integration and custom made defined actions.

Rafflekopter - Rafflekopter is an identical option to Gleam. The free of charge plan enables free of charge exporting of entrant data, however the premium strategy is necessary for the viral posting feature (presently $84/month).


Although things didn’t quite workout in addition to hoped, owning a giveaway was an excellent learning experience and it had been good addressing connect with various other brands. Here’s what I'd do easily released another giveaway in the infant niche:

- Partner with a distinct segment blogger to get assured contact with their email list. There are many blogs that focus on mothers and expecting parents that also sponsor giveaways. I'd prevent untargeted giveaway sites as they are more likely to attract freebie seekers.

- Strategy out an advertising plan easily is hosting the contest myself. Collaborating with additional bloggers appears to be probably the most effective methods to launch an effective giveaway.

- Grow my very own email list through content material advertising. Having your very own email list may be the best method to guarantee an effective giveaway. Utilizing a device like Gleam and Rafflekopter makes it possible for you to improve your reach and subscriber development as participants talk about your competition.

- I would try Reddit advertisements next time, as some individuals have said they are cheaper than various other social media advertisements and you'll have the ability to achieve your target viewers more effectively in some instances. For instance, there are being pregnant sub-reddits that might be well targeted. I was struggling to try Reddit advertisements this time around because you have to routine your advertisement at least 2 days beforehand.

- The entrants actually do an extremely good work of referring others to the giveaway and improved participation by about 30%.

- Overall, it had been still a positive learning knowledge and it had been great addressing connect with additional brands in my own market. I was pleased that various other brands were ready to donate to this, despite the fact that we were simply starting out.

Stuart from Gleam was also really helpful and I really do recommend their system for giveaways. In case you are thinking about running your personal giveaway, you can examine out their system here (affiliate hyperlink).

In overview, I really do still believe that giveaways could be a great way to build an market and even help to make sales, nonetheless it requires some arranging, thought and business to create it work. I am hoping that posting my encounters above can help you in the event that you do opt to launch your very own giveaway


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