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5 Lessons from Guest Posting on Popular Blogs

I did just a little visitor posting this past year and targeted among the better blogs. From the exposure asides, I’d have to state that among the best benefits of visitor posting gets opinions from editors that can make you a means better writer.

In fact, if you believe you’re a good writer, try writing for a few of the very best weblogs in your niche and find out what goes on. You’ll probably learn a couple of things and gain some insights from more capable bloggers.

It’s easy to create by yourself blog, because whatever you can publish whatever you want to create. When writing for other folks, you will need to adapt your writing with their audience and the editor’s choices.

But writing for other weblogs can help you rapidly improve your writing skills. Listed below are 5 things I discovered from visitor blogging on other popular sites.

1 - Moz - Focus on Your Content with their Audience, Not Yours

Among the first sites I visitor posted on was Moz. I had formed posted two articles that got declined, but got one accepted finally.

The best lesson I learned from guest posting on Moz was to adjust to their audience, not yours. The audience on Moz includes educated digital marketers, a lot of which are operating their own companies or doing work for one.

My very own blog has a far more mixed audience, however the content I submit to Moz must be geared to a far more advanced audience. Visitor post content is often unique of this content you distribute by yourself blog because their audience differs than yours, even if the market is the same.

Before submitting a post, take time to really get a concept of who their audience is, the kind of content they may be writing, and the writing design of the blog.

2 - WP Curve - Write Multiple Headlines

WP Curve did a congrats using their content marketing and I had been glad I could use Alex and Dan to obtain a post published on the blog. There have been a great number of edits prior to the post was accepted, but we were pleased with the final end result.

Among the recommendations that Alex made was to create multiple headlines. Headlines are extremely important so write multiple headlines and select the best one so that individuals will click on through and read it.

The headline is so important that I would suggest writing multiple headlines before you even submit your initial pitch.

3 - Kissmetrics - Add true to life examples

I submitted a post to Kissmetrics and after editing and enhancing, it finished up being very different than what I originally submitted. The visitors of Kissmetrics are higher level content marketers, a few of which are working their own content marketing procedure.

The majority of their intended audience is e-commerce and SAAS companies. Therefore the focusing on was unique of my very own blog which consists of a variety of bloggers and digital marketers.

Sean made me go and discover real good examples of people which were using LinkedIn successfully to get publicity for his or her business. Add true to life illustrations and screenshots to make your post believable and compel visitors to take action.

4 - Twelveskip - Spend some time on sub-headlines

Last year, I submitted a post to Twelveskip and Pauline offered the right suggestions.  People usually scan articles before they opt to read them. One recommendation was to pay extra focus on sub-headlines and make sure they are compelling so that whenever people scan this article, they’ll be enticed to return and browse the whole thing.

A complete great deal of that time period, when bloggers write, they concentrate on the headline and just write the rest of the post freely. Heading back and editing the sub-headings can make your post more interesting to learn.

Several ideas for writing good sub-headlines:

1) State obviously the actual section is approximately - A definite sub headline can convey the worthiness of every section on your post.

2) Ask a question - Questions can stimulate attention because readers would want to know very well what the answer is, so requesting questions in your sub-headlines can entice visitors to read the remaining article.

I finished up using questions for the sub-headings that was my idea and stating the actual takeaway is at bold, that was Pauline’s idea. People often scan the sub-headlines within an article before reading, so make sure to invest timing writing good sub-headers.

5 - Boost Blog Traffic - Answer the Tough Questions before They’re Asked

Glen from Boost Blog Traffic gave some amazing recommendations which completely transformed the post that I wrote.

I did a specialist roundup by myself blog that got over 4, 000 sociable stocks and became the most shared post of the week, according to Buzzsumo. Expert roundups are recognized to get plenty of traffic and interpersonal stocks, but mine do much better than most. I wrote a post about how exactly to do expert roundup posts that outperformed other roundup posts.

On my first draft, Glen remarked that a few of the areas which i wrote were a little too apparent and suggested growing on a few of the less apparent details. THEREFORE I thinned out any ideas which were apparent to the audience and centered on content that gives visitors “Aha” moments.

After writing your post, go over it and have yourself honestly, if elements of your post are things that your reader already is aware of. Is it possible to reduce those areas and expand on things that your visitors don’t find out about or haven’t considered yet?

Use real good examples and create step-by-step details to prove that your opinions work and expand on ideas that your readers don’t find out about.

Also, another good notion to make your site post authoritative is to consider every tough question that your visitors might ask after reading your post. Then add the answer them in to the post in order that they won’t have even to ask.

Glen asked a lot of questions that required me to believe harder about why my post was so successful and exactly how other folks can duplicate that success. However the final result was an extremely high quality and complete post that stood out.

6 - Matthew Woodward - Add Details and Proof

I submitted a post to Matthew Woodward about how exactly I could get a few hundred clients from LinkedIn writing brief blog posts on the Pulse system. He attempted it himself and finished up making your way around 300 new clients himself with only a half hour of work.

Before he accepted my post, however, Matt suggested which i provide some screenshots from my Google Analytics data. I added those to the post and proceeded to go into some fine detail about how exactly I could produce the results that I acquired.

The next time you write a post, ask yourself when you can add additional information and evidence to make it more persuasive and believable. Sometimes providing advice is insufficient.

Whenever your post is so convincing that you persuade a busy influencer like Matthew Woodward to give it a try, then you understand you’ve written something worthwhile.


Asides from the apparent advantage of increased publicity, I highly recommend guest posting as a way to become a much better blogger. Some of the most crucial lessons are:

Study and focus on their audience, not your own


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